Tuesday 04.14.15

I just returned from the most beautiful weekend in Malibu. Perfect beach weather! Fortunately my friends and I came prepared with great sunnies, surfboards, beach towels, sunscreen and, last but not least, my new Whiting & Davis Spring Summer 2015 Mega Mesh Convertible Crossbody Bag! I love this bag. Not only does it come in colors that announce "SPRING SUMMER" (shout out to the turquoise and yellow), it's just the most effortlessly chic, versatile bag. I like it as a crossbody bag, but those who favor shoulder bags can simply double the chain and voila. From starting the day with green juice and acai bowls (gotta love breakfast in LA) to craft cocktails at the Ace Hotel, to dancing the night away in Hollywood, this bag does just the trick. Not to mention the vintage-inspired oversized metal mesh in enamel finish... swoon.



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