Whiting&Davis vintage look handbag
Thursday 06.06.13

I was looking through my collection of 20s and 30s Whiting & Davis bags for something really special to post for Throwback Thursday this week and came across this one.  It's not exactly vintage, though... It's actually one of the first bags I designed for Whiting & Davis back in 2001... wow.  Time has flown!  I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with this effort.  The design was painstakingly engineered to follow exactly along the edge of the bag and even meet neatly at the sides- I remember driving the sample makers nuts about that!  The Art Deco style frame was an original Whiting & Davis frame from the 20s that we had remade and it perfectly suits the graphic  Starburst design. All in all a lovely bag.

We don't do as many vintage style bags as we used to with the trend toward more clean, architectural lines in fashion, but I hope the renewed interest in vintage flapper styles that the Great Gatsby movie has unleashed results in more demand for these types of bags.  I'd love to do more of them.



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