Tuesday 08.29.17

Metal mesh and fashion have had a long history together - flappers and old-hollywood movie starlets carrying metal mesh pochettes on the crooks of their arms, disco era halter tops and the flashing lights of Studio 54, the '90s with the peak of Versace and the supermodel boom...which brings us to the world of today.

It's no secret that metal mesh is back again and in just about every It girl's wardrobe.  The latest style icons, models, social media influencers...even the former FLOTUS, have all been seen flaunting the avant garde material, looking beyond dazzling.  We're relishing in all the glittering attention.  And so will you.

Though a slinky dress would make a grand entrance for the ultimate party girl, the look may not be for everybody.  Sometimes a shot of glamour is just what's needed to perfect the outfit. And if a glimmer is all you need, then we've got the perfect accessory for you.  (For the latest styles, click here.)


Friday 04.21.17

On this day, one year after his transition to the afterworld, we remember the icon, the artist and the man.  Known as a musical innovator, a multi-instrumentalist and singing abilities encompassing a wide vocal range, Prince's music continues to transcend us .

Loved.  Missed.  Remembered. Prince forever.
(Here he is wearing vintage Versace metal mesh.)

When They Go Low, We Go High (Fashion)

Thursday 11.17.16

As if we needed any more reasons to love Michelle Obama, the ultra classy First Lady wore head-to-toe metal mesh at the Obama administration's 13th and final state dinner. Swoon! In reference to the evening’s guests of honor, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and his wife Agnese Landini, the First Lady stunned in a glamorous floor-length rose gold metal mesh gown from everyone's favorite Italian fashion house, Atelier Versace. Cloaked in our sparkling signature material, FLOTUS looked absolutely breathtaking and I can't imagine a better model for it than the true role model that is Mrs. Obama.



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